Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Which player traits to take

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Level 10 :
i.)Inspired : Double your virtue poll. (Its 50 changes to 100)
My opinion : I think this is nice because it will give you to heal more.(I took this)  
ii.)Well Fed : 20% health to every miscrits. ( Eg. If health is 20 changes to 22)
My opinion : If you think for miscrits beneficial than you will surely take this.(I have not taken this)

Level 20 :
i.) Devoted : Change your party from anywhere 
My opinion : This is the best .(I have not taken this and the biggest mistake of my miscrits)  
ii.)Fortified : 20% physical defense to every miscrits. ( Eg. If physical defense is 30 changes to 33)
My opinion : This time don't think of your miscrits take Devoted trait .(I took this)

Level 30 :
My opinion : 
ii.)Fortified :
My opinion :

Monday, 4 March 2013

Get Item And Miscrits

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Get A Bronze Pack On SK And VI : 
Link for SK : http://bit.ly/TgTWBb
Link for VI : http://bit.ly/SckbaU
(NOTE : This will only work at one place i.e. SK or VI)

                                              Bronze Pack Free!!!!!

Get a Nero Miscrit on SK :

                                            Nero Miscrits Free!!!!!

Get a Vinethra Miscrit on SK and VI

                                           Vinethra Miscrit Free!!!!!

                                            Elkenhoof Miscrit Free !!!!!!

Link for SK :

Link for VI :

                                                    More free items

10 platinum : http://bit.ly/10HTdsq

25 platinum : http://bit.ly/V34UcK

(NOTE : This cheat can't be working also but if you want to try plz try leaving Google chrome)

Welcome to Miscrit's Hackpedia

  Here you will get free hacks and item for Miscrits : SK(Sunfall Kingdom), VI(Volcano Island)

                                    And I (Neel Raut) will give you ever single hack of Miscrits 
                                                             See Miscripedia